he soon realized it would be almost next to impossible for him to write an ‘about me’ statement after failed in the first few attempts to do so. he is a human being, that’s one thing he knows of relative certainty. all the other glorified adjectives shouldn’t be added before that by himself, but by others when they see fit.


he believes that languages is a rather objective thing, but once he uses them to his advantage, it becomes subjective. everything that comes out of one’s mouth must be untrue to a certain degree, which is a paradox in and of itself.


he doesn’t find the process of writing this a tedious process, he just thinks it’s more fun if this can be one of his projects as well: impermanent, imperfect, incomplete


and a part of him hopes that this can be one of many causes why you would frequent this site, to see how he designs, thinks, and captures, in his, hopefully original, way.