to be born onto this earth as human beings, it is not just our right, but our responsibility to search for beauty. and for one to do so, he must walk underneath the sun and experience the world. different people find beauty and fun in different subjects, and they collectively build an image of who we are.


and thus he introduces you to timlicaptures. a combination of his interactions with this world and his thoughts about them, being presented to you via visuals and texts.


he would like to apologize in advance that not all visuals are nicely curated, but each of them must be unique in its own way, at least to him, as it captures the world at that millisecond as he clicks his camera or saves an image.


at the very least, and the very most, he hopes that timlicaptures functions as a platform for the likeminded of him, to gain inspiration either from what he sees, or from what you see in what he sees.


feel free to use and reuse all the images in this section as he, at this current moment, still does not believe in creativity or originality. it would, however, better his day tremendously if you feel an unstoppable urge to accredit him for his contribution, or just send him a note of thank you.


shall our journey begin?